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GSSI's 2013 Gold Award recipient

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Highest Girl Awards

We know you want to do good things for the world. Help the people who need it most. Protect animals that can't speak for themselves. Treat the environment with the respect it deserves. We know you have great ideas, ones that make a lasting difference. And that you're more than ready to work hard to put those ideas into motion. Girl Scouting's highest awards—the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards—are your chance to make a lasting difference in your community . . . and in the larger world. Click below. And start changing the world today!

Bronze Award

  Bronze award

Bronze Award Orientation video

GSSI Bronze Award Guidelines

Bronze Award Girl Guide

Bronze Award Adult Guide

Bronze Award Final Report

Silver Award

 silver award

Silver Award Orientation video

GSSI Silver Award Guidelines

Silver Awards Girl Guide

Silver Award Adult Guide

Silver Award Final Report 

Gold Award

  gold award

Required Gold Award video

GSSI Gold Award Guidelines

Gold Award Girl Guide

Gold Award Adult Guide

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The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest earned award in Girl Scouting. The Girl Scout Gold Award is more than a recognition it sets a girl/woman apart as a community leader.  This lifetime achievement should be listed on a woman’s resume throughout her career.

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 The National Young Women of Distinction is the designation, and a special honor, conferred by GSUSA on ten Girl Scout Gold Award recipients whose final projects demonstrated extraordinary leadership, had a measurable and sustainable impact, and addressed a local challenge that related to a national and/or global issue. Here are videos of the 2013 awardees.

 More Girl Awards

Journey Summit Award: Recognized at the Girl Awards

 Girls earn this award by completing all three Journeys at their grade level. Applications due by March 1st to be recognized at the Girl Awards Event.  Application

Mentoring Awards: Recognized at the Girl Awards  Application

 Steps to earn these awards are found in the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting and on the Council Application. Steps to earning these awards do include council led training in addition to the practical experience hours.

  • Program Aide: Cadettes: Works with girls over six (6) activity sessions (not including LiA) (approximately 20 hours including planning) Program Aide must complete their LiA, in addition to the 6 activity sessions
  • Counselor in Training I: Seniors: Works with girls over the course of a camp session (approximately 40 hours including planning)
  • Counselor in Training II: Ambassadors: Works with girls over the course of one (1) camp session while focusing on increasing skills in one (1) area
  • Volunteer in trainingSeniors and Ambassadors: Works with girls over the course of three to six(3-6) months outside of camp experience (approximately 40 hours including planning).The Volunteer in Training Award is for Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors who would like to mentor a Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie, Junior, or Cadette group outside of the camp experience. If a girl has completed ninth grade, she is eligible to earn this award.

Leadership Awards:

        Community Service bars: Recognized at the Girl Awards

Community Service BarA Community Service bar indicates that a Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador Girl Scout is making a difference in her community — and that she is practicing the values of the Girl Scout Law.  
Shown here is the Community Service Bar for Cadettes. Community Service Bar: Application


        Service to Girl Scouting bars: Recognized at the Girl Awards

Service to Girl ScoutingA Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador Girl Scout can receive the Service to Girl Scouting bar by volunteering at least 20 hours to the Girl Scout organization. She might volunteer her time at a special event for younger girls, be an office assistant for her council or service unit, or help with special projects .Service to Girl Scouting Bar: Application


 Torch Awards

  Torch AwardsThis award recognizes a Cadette, Senior, or Ambassador Girl Scout who acts as a leader in her community.

 Shown here is the Silver and Gold Torch Award for Seniors. This award is given to the girls by her leader or an adult volunteer and can be purchased at the Council in the Katie’s Korner Shop.


     The Gold Torch Award: for Girl Scout Ambassadors. This award recognizes Ambassadors who act as leaders in their communities. Steps to earning the award are found in the Ambassadors Girls Guide   to Girl Scouting

     The Silver and Gold Torch Award: For Girl Scout Senior.  Information about this award is found in the Seniors Girls Guide to Girl Scouting

     The Silver Torch Award:  For Girl Scout Cadettes.  This award recognizes Cadettes who act as leaders in their communities. Steps to earning the award are found in the Cadette Girls Guide to Girl Scouting.



  Lifesaving Awards: Application

Any girl can do heroic things! When a girl receives these awards, she’s being honored for doing something exceptional, like saving someone’s life! Details on how a girl can earn this award are  found in the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting.

  • Medal of Honor
  • Bronze Cross